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Paintless Dent Repair can give you a rewarding career... and possibly even a 6-figure income. Here are the basic facts you need to launch your PDR career the right way.


Paintless Dent Repair can be a wonderful occupation, both from a moneymaking standpoint and because of the personal freedom it can give you. Imagine having your own PDR business, being your own boss, doing about 3 repairs a day that might only take a half hour or less each, and making around $100 for each paintless repair.

With that in mind, simple math tells us that it’s possible to make around $80,000 a year in paintless dent repair – only working 5 days a week, with little investment other than your paintless dent repair tools. If you’re a go-getter, you could possibly move into a six-figure income. And, it’s been said that some PDR techs who “chase hail,” going from town to town behind hailstorms, are making in excess of $300,000 per year.

So the personal freedom is out there. The money is out there. So what do you need to go and get it? Training.

At this time, there is no widely-accepted, or required, formal standard of training or certification in the field of paintless repair. So no “certificate” is necessarily required to work in PDR. But common sense says that, to avoid dent repairgetting yourself into a heap of trouble, some type of training involving an instructor is a must before jumping into paintless repair.

Paintless Repair Training can come in many forms. If you know someone who is a PDR tech, they may allow you to ‘tag along’ with them for a couple of weeks, sort of like an apprentice… that way, you’re seeing the business in a real-world environment… getting the call for help, making arrangements with the customer, actually doing the repair, and getting paid well.

It may even be worth your while to consider paying the PDR tech a couple hundred dollars a week in exchange for their knowledge, and for giving you ‘hands-on’ paintless repair training in the field. Doing your training this way, you would be certain to see a real-world mix of different cars and dents over your days shadowing the PDR tech. Of course, doing it this way, your paintless dent training would be only as good as the particular PDR tech you shadow, so choose this option carefully.

Another option is to take a formal paintless dent training course. There are a number of organizations out there, such as Superior Auto Institute, who offer formal paintless repair training to those considering employment in the field of PDR. These companies provide a standardized, modern training environment for their students at various locations across the United States. Depending upon the company and training plan you choose, you can receive one-on-one paintless dent training, training as a part of a small group, training over the course of a week, two-week training, and other options. Although the cost of these courses can run into a few thousand dollars, the training you’ll get is up-to-date, many will give you a ‘Certificate of Completion’ which distinguishes you as having had formal training in PDR, and this will likely also include the cost of your own PDR tool set. Many of these schools even offer financing. And considering the money you could begin making on day 1 out of school, you could make your education investment pay back pretty quickly!

However you choose to obtain your paintless dent training, there are a few things to remember. You need to be reasonably physically fit, because PDR work involves a lot of bending and some physical work. Because of the bending and other physical requirements, if you have back trouble, PDR may not be for you. Check with your doctor to be sure.

Also, your vision needs to be sharp to ensure that you can see every minute detail of the repairs you’re making. Many paintless dent training schools recommend 20/20 vision, whether natural or corrected.

Finally, you have to remember that being self-employed also means needing to be self-driven. As your own boss, no one is going to stand over you to make sure you go out and get your jobs done. But if you’re a go-getter, are reliable, and don’t mind a little physical work, then paintless repair could be an amazing opportunity for you!


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