Paintless Dent Repair Video

Watch Paintless Dent Repair in action!
Here are some great videos that demonstrate how the various PDR techniques are used. Enjoy!



A one-minute dent repair!




Another quick dent repair on a Chrysler



A large dent repaired using a "Glue Puller." This repair took about 4 1/2 hours, but was still much faster than the several days (or weeks) that a body shop might have taken.



Paintless Dent Repair is a respected technique worldwide! Here's a dent from a hammer blow being removed in the United Kingdom. 



Here's Myke Toledo of Dent Time explaining his technique for using the Line Board.




Tim Olson talks about basic tools needed for pushing dents.



A PDR Coach Video demonstrating methods for tackling crease dents.



Why watch Paintless Dent Repair Video?

Why watch paintless dent repair video? Because seeing is believing. PDR is a relatively new technique for dent repair, therefore many people don't understand the minor miracle of how it's done. These videos are the best way to see for yourself just how quick and effective paintless repair really is.

One important thing to take from these paintless repair videos is the fact that so many of these repairs are done at the customer's location, instead of having to leave the vehicle in the care of a body shop for days on end.

Paintless dent repair video can also show you the array of tools used by PDR technicians and the techniques through which they use them.

Through these videos we hope to have given you a better understanding of the technique, talent, and time involved in paintless repair.

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