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Selecting the right Paintless Dent Repair School is critical to your success, both as a PDR student and in the years that follow as a PDR technician. Here are a few quick tips on getting it right.


There are various ways that a person considering PDR as a career can get their training. Some will “shadow” another paintless dent repair technician to pick up on the tricks of the trade. Some may do fine with instructional paintless dent repair schoolvideos, if they naturally have the “knack” for PDR. But the most surefire way to get a solid education, and foundation, in PDR is by attending a paintless dent repair school.

As with most things in life, not all paintless dent repair schools are created equal. Before you invest your money, make sure you’re comfortable with the environment a particular paintless dent repair school offers. For example some schools may offer a mixture of a classroom environment plus hands-on training with various vehicles. Other schools skip the classroom, doing their training totally in the field. If you’re they type of person who wants to get a firm grip on the concepts behind the techniques before you try them, then some classroom time may certainly help. If you’re the “show me by doing” type, you may want a paintless dent repair school that skips the classroom and jumps straight into actual repairs. The point is, you'll be in a better position to benefit from your training if you put some thought into they type of environment you tend to learn better with. Even if this means traveling to a school that's a little farther from home, the end result will be worth it down the road.

Another thing that will vary from school to school, and course to course, is the length of the PDR schools offered. Some of the more major paintless dent repair schools offer courses in different lengths, such as 1, 2. or 3-week courses. If you’re mechanically inclined and a quick learner, then the 1-week course may be for you. But usually, a minimum 2-week course will be the best way to go in your PDR training. Why? Because PDR is an “art,” and learning this art will take time for things to become natural to you. Because paintless dent repair involves techniques used in no other industry, such as being able to “see” your tip through the panel, it just takes time for most techs to get the knack. You probably didn’t learn to “pop the net” with a basketball from the free-throw line in your first week of trying… and even though you’re better at it now, you can’t “explain” what changed. PDR will likely be the same… you’ll just need time for things to “come to you.” So don’t skimp on training time.

Of course one of the biggest things a student will consider is the cost of the schooling. Cost can vary greatly from school to school, and also depends on the length of the course, and other related issues, such as travel and lodging expenses. Here again, although you have to be level-headed about what you can afford, you also have to think about what you can’t afford to miss. In other words, a cheaper paintless dent repair school isn’t always better. Saving money with a one-week course may be cheaper up front, but what happens when you lose money down the road, because you have to turn down that tough crease dent job you didn’t get trained for? A local school may be more convenient, but that out-of-state school may offer a much better program, that makes it worth the travel expense for a week or two. The point here is, although you have many options, cheaper is not always better. In the long run, it’s the quality of education offered by a paintless dent repair school that will help you earn more money, and get more enjoyment out of your career many years down the road.

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Dent Time. Offers PDR training with a 1-2 student class maximum, meaning you get a good deal of personal time with your trainer. Call 1-800-420-DENT, or visit:


M&M Training. Offers PDR training for the U.S. east coast, with financing available. Call 1-888-780-8724, or visit:


Superior Auto Institute. Offers paintless dent repair training. Guarantees your PDR training: if after 2 weeks of training you still cannot push a dent out to a passable condition, they will open up a third week for you, free. Call 1-888-992-3464, or visit:

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